In Admin > Reporting, you have access the interactive visual reporting capability, with interactive charts and data tables for each app your network has enabled. 

A few tips for navigating and data analysis in the Reporting app:

- Use the tabs along the bottom to navigate to the various reports enabled for your network. Use the arrows on the far left to scroll beyond the reporting tabs in view:

- To get a larger view of each chart and table, use the pop-out in the top-right of each visual to zoom to full-screen focus mode, and once in the focus mode, return using the " < Back to Report" button.

- Export the chart or table data using "Export data" function in the " . . ." menu in the top-right of each chart or table:

- Charts can be drilled-down to see more granular view of the data (e.g. Monthly view) and drilled-up to see more high-level categories of data (e.g. Yearly view). Drill down using icon #2 below (to see all lower-level categories grouped together (e.g. 3 years worth of data by the 12 months of the year), and icon #3 to drill-down all current categories into their lower-level categories (e.g. 3 years worth of data by the 36 months in those 3 years). In both cases, use icon #1 to drill-up back to the higher-level view. Alternatively, toggling-on icon #4 (on is indicated by a dark filled circle) lets you drill-down on a specific category by clicking directly on it (e.g.drill-down on 2016 to see individual months of 2016, then on October 2016 to see individual days in that month):

- Click on a specific section or category of a chart will automatically filter the tables on the same page. For example, if you want to find out which employers posted jobs in September of last year, drill-down to a monthly view, click on the employer job posts section for September. This will filter the table to those jobs and the employers who posted them. Export the data if you'd like to further analyze or report on this list. 

- If you'd like to add new custom reporting views to your Reports module, contact Tenlegs for more information!