Navigate to Admin > Announcements to manage network-wide announcements, which are prominently displayed on the network's dashboard page, which is a user's typical initial landing point on the network. Here you can create new Announcements. 

First provide the Announcement Content (Headline and Body).

Then select your Announcement Settings, including selecting the appropriate topics to tag and filter this announcement under (Note: topics can be customized for your institution). You can choose to schedule the announcement to automatically be published at a specific date and time, and also set it to automatically expire at a specific date and time. Or, leave the "Date to Post" and "Date to Expire" fields empty and your announcement will be published immediately, and won't be set to expire automatically.

Select which audiences should see this announcement, and add an image to make your announcement stand out. 

Preview your announcement, then save it as a Draft or Publish when ready. You can collaborate with other Network Administrators, who will also be able to view Draft announcements. 

You can post as many announcements at one time as you'd like.