Through User Management, administrators who have been entitled access can do the following:

  • Advanced search, filtering, sorting of all network users
  • Send message to all or a selected subset of network users
  • Download detailed user information of all or a selected subset of network users
  • Dynamic segmentation and grouping of users
  • Access the administrative details view of each user
    • View user's full administrative information (depending on what data is available on platform)
    • Edit general user information (Note: in cases where user data is fed via a system integration, such as a Student Information System, edit will only apply to non-synced data fields)
    • Record administrative notes
    • Apply and manage custom labels (for grouping, tagging, etc.)
    • View and manage advising notes (if user has permission to access)
    • Capture career outcomes
  • Change user statuses
  • Deactivate user accounts
  • Reactivate user accounts
  • Review newly created, activated or modified users
  • View details of user activity (e.g. last login, etc.)
  • Other custom functionality, if enabled on your network

Fore more information, please refer to your Administrator User Guide.