1. Invite people to an existing class

      1. In the navigation bar below the class info, click on "Members"


      1. Click Invite Others

      2. Scroll or search the member listing to find the person you want to invite

      3. To invite someone who is not yet a member, you may enter the person’s email address

      4. For each new class member, select "Student", "Admin", "Observer" or “Instructor”.

        1. Admins, Instructors can add and delete members, discussions, comments and files, edit class info.

        2. Students can add Discussions, files, and comments.

        3. Observers can add documents.  

      5. Click "Send Invitations." The people you invite will receive an email with the title and description of the class. In the email, they can accept the invite.

      6. Accepting the invitation will bring them to a screen where they will create their own account (if their account is not active) and join the class.