As a project owner, you are in-charge. You are the person who has initiated the project.  You have full rights to add, edit or delete all project files and comments as well as to invite project collaborators and assign access rights.

collaborator is a project participant, a core team member, or a friend, who has been invited to work on the project with the owner. A collaborator can be invited with "Editor" rights, "Viewer" rights, or "Admin" rights at the owner's discretion.

- Editors can post files, media and new discussion topics and comment on other project members' posts. 

- Viewers may only view and comment on existing discussions and media.  

- Admins can do everything the owner can, including changing project settings, adding other collaborators and editing other collaborators' posts.

follower is simply a project fan, the most important role of all! Followers are members who are interested in the project work and choose to follow the project in order to see progress, status and receive updates from project collaborators and owners. Only a public project can be followed.